Gym membership vs. Working out at home

Since being a stay-at-home-mom, there isn’t much wiggle room to do anything during the day! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 97% of my day is determined by BOSS-BABY. Despite being the adult in this get up, my 11 month old baby, Lah-Lah is my supervisor and micro-manager…. In other words, she supervises everything I do, her eyes are always on me, and she micro-manages all of my activities! She is almost the BIG NUMERO UNO and her sleeping pattern has changed, she now sleeps at least anywhere between 10 to 11 hours at night, which is awesome, because as boss-baby sleeps, I can do grown up things like finish an actual cup of coffee before it gets cold, utilize both hands to cook and clean, sit in peace to work on new blog content, eat a decent meal without the fear of my spoon being knocked out of my hand!!! Lately, I have been deciding between getting a gym membership, or working out at home. These are my actual thoughts presented in chart form:


Getting a gym membership versus working out at home

Getting a gym membership Working out at home
Fees Crazy expensive, it’s like a down payment on a tiny house 0.00
Actual work out time ??? ?  ??? Anytime while in my pajamas
Gym location A 60 minute,(30 minutes each way) round trip drive as the closest gym is located in another city from where we live In my living room, bedroom, dining room, backyard patio
Baby daycare – who will watch the baby? daycare….Not happening! No thank you! The television will watch the baby, with the window cracked opened, eating sprinkled gummie vitamins on her lap!
Personal trainer No thank you! Endless YouTube workout videos anytime on my phone, tablet and Amazon fire stick remote, complete with back button, pause, and fast forward
Yoga Pants Absolutely, i will take one in every color… Husband loves me in them!
Work out classes Can’t commit or guarantee I am able to make it on time or at all Do it at  my leisure, ZERO fees required

The chart has spoken!

It has decided I will workout at home. This is great because I want to have both things, go to the gym without the disadvantages, have baby close by and rock out sexy yoga pants just for the heck of it!


Home equipment and YouTube videos

Over the last two years I have purchased workout equipment for my home and work office, like an elliptical, compact strider (for under my work desk when I had to work over time), cardio bike, a hula hoop…yes I actually own one!, a rowing machine and most recently resistance loop bands and core sliders!

To keep things random and fun, I worked out with my favorite YouTube channels, check them out. I promise you will feel a good burn, work up a good sweat and keep you motivated.

I hope you like them as much as I do:

Try out 1,2, 10 videos tell me which ones you like the best. Leave a comment below!


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