2019 New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are promises we make to ourselves anywhere between the ending of one year and at the beginning of a new one. A resolution that we all commonly make is to change or improve one’s life, such as to improve our health by working out more, or improving one’s personal wealth by getting a second job. But let’s take a minute to really reflect on the many years past of all the New year’s resolutions that we promised ourselves that unfortunately did not take off! There are a magnitude of reasons why we don’t act on new year’s resolutions, such as being distracted with personal and professional activities and schedules…everyday life in general. A week, a month, half a year goes by, our new year’s resolution is a shadow of a thought at that point…to make ourselves feel better, we shrug it off with an “Oh, well, maybe next year.”

Start small with practicality and simplicity

When you start thinking up a resolution, start small, be practical and act with simplicity! 

For example: Your new year’s resolution is to eat healthier and lose weight. Just like preparing for a work day, you prepare to put your resolution into action, for example:

  • Clean and prepare a small area that you would like to work out,  like your bedroom, home office, or living room.
  • Review your calendar to decide what day you will start ? Tomorrow morning is good :o) because it is fresh on your mind!
  • Mark it on a calendar, and program special alarms to work out twice a week for 20 minutes a day.
  • Replace chips and candy for fruit and vegetables.
  • Think and write down short and long term goals, remember keep it attainable, practical and simple.

Slow and steady

Despite having the desire to make positive life changes, from time to time, we slip into the negative habits we are trying to avoid. As we do our very best in modifying ourselves to acquire new habits, remember we are only human! Don’t ignore negative behavior, but rather own up to it, assure yourself it is okay. Stomp around if you have to! Take a couple of deep yoga breaths! Walk it out! After you got it out your system, refocus your energy and get back on track.

Accountability with goal setting

Keep yourself accountable at all times, by creating *REASONABLE* short and long term goals. On a calendar:

  • Set a short term goal, for example: You want to lose x amount of weight in x amount of months.  
  • Set a long term goal, for example:You want to lose x amount of weight in one year.

Talk to family members, explain what you are trying to achieve and what kind of goals you have set for yourself.

Ask a family member to help you keep yourself accountable.

Assign someone to ask you every other week:

  • What  have you done to keep up with your resolutions?
  • What efforts have you made to improve particular negative behaviors ?
  • What kind of improvements have you noticed since you started on your new resolution?

Morale Support and Encouragement

Reach out to others who are doing the same as you. Discuss your motivations, personal achievements, goals and challenges. Lean on each other for encouragement and inspiration.

After 30 days a new habit has been formed

After 30 days of doing the same action, it becomes part of a daily routine – similarly to waking up every morning to brush your teeth, reach for a cup of coffee or putting on shoes! So stay focused! Even though you fall off track, get right back in to it!

It is my personal belief that anything worth doing or building up, if you put in the work and time, your hard work will pay off! Never quit despite defeat! Get back up and try again! Perseverance and determination is the moving force that gets us to the finish line!

What kind of resolutions have you made for yourself for 2019 and how are you keeping up with it? I would love  to hear from you, leave a comment below!


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