Reasons to celebrate in January

As the Christmas holiday comes to an end, it is with bittersweet fruit cake, we bid adieu to our ugly Christmas sweaters and holiday socks into the coat closet and beyond. We pack away everything Christmas to de-clutter and regain homely zen. Finally, just once more, we enjoy the very last carton of store bought “homemade eggnog” as it will expire on December 26th at 3:00 pm, some time between local and national news anywhere in the US.

The festive cheer and happy merry marking of Christmas is guaranteed to overflow into January. Here is a list of 31 days of celebrations.

January 1:
New’s Day!
Wow! You made it through another 365 days, you  took on many challenges, experienced a magnitude of raises and falls,  made many sacrifices, you filled your days with work, family and new experiences and achieved milestones and personal goals  along the way. Here you are today, stronger, wiser and ready to do it all over again!

January 2:
National Buffet Day, National Cream Puff Day and National Personal Trainer Day
This is a dream come true! Welcome the second day of the year by grabbing your plus 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 load up the mini van and head to your nearest and dearest buffet restaurant and while you’re there load up on cream puffs to celebrate National Cream puff Day!  It is most advisable not to tell your personal trainer of your whereabouts as you were a no-show for a scheduled work out session…mention nothing of your buffet caloric intake, simply celebrate your personal trainer by giving him a personalized coffee cup!

January 3:
National Drinking Straw Day
From morning to night sip from a straw until your heart’s content! Chose any color or shape – red, blue,or purple, or straight or crazy wiggly! Or how about straws with zebra stripes, polka dots, or rainbows!

January 4
National Spaghetti Day and National Trivia Day
Prepare your spaghetti any way you like! Noodles, pasta sauce topped with Parmesan cheese! Cook it on the stove top or crank up the oven, combine all your favorite spaghetti ingredients together, add extra cheese and more sauce, then top it off with sprinkled bread crumbs,  bake it until the bread crumbs are crunchy, and cheese gooey! Eat immediately! After your belly is full, relax, have some coffee and do a couple of trivia games until you fall into a spaghetti coma!

January 5
National Whipped Cream Day
To really celebrate this day, get a few cans of whipped cream and play Pie Face Cannon Game Whipped Cream Family Board Game 

January 6
National Cuddle Up Day
This particular day falls on a Sunday, rock out your favorite footed pajamas, cuddle up with your favorite human,or blanky, read a good book, or watch a movie!

January 7
National Tempura Day and National Thank God its Monday
Tempura is a Japanese battered and deep fried delectable dish that can either be seafood or vegetables. It is a real simple dish to make… before you order take-out, try this recipe!
Mondays? What kind words can I say about Mondays? Mondays are manic, it’s a day that causes internal panic!! It’s the official day that kicks off our work and school week. Its after Sunday, but before Tuesday, and four days too far away from Friday! And regretfully five days away from Saturday! There are many federal and local government holidays that fall sparingly on a Monday, and we all look forward to those days! Yaaahhh Mondays! I am drawing a question mark why anyone would be thankful for Monday’s, other than being thankfully blessed!

January 8
National Bubble Bath Day and  National Argyle Day
Its cold outside with nowhere to go, treat yourself self to a warm bubble bath…put a few drops of essential oils or try some bath bombs…then RELAX! After your done with your bath, get dressed and sport some crazy argyle socks.

January 9th
National Apricot Day
Celebrate this day in the kitchen, try recipes that call for apricots like baked coconut shrimp and apricot sauce  ; Apricot Skewered Shrimp and apricot jam

January 10th
National Bittersweet Chocolate Day
Bittersweet chocolate is mostly pure dark chocolate and a small bit of sugar! Its great for cake making. Celebrate with this recipe .

January 11
National Step in the Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day
Hmmm? I would pass on this one! Here is an adorable YouTube video  to get your celebrations started! Repeat Day  6, Cuddle up Day as many times as you like!

January 12
National Marzipan Day
Marzipan is a German desert and really easy to make. It requires to  2  main ingredients, whole almonds and confectioners’ sugar! Celebrate Marzipan in the kitchen with family or friends. Here is the recipe.

January 13
National Rubber Ducky Day
This is the duckiest day to celebrate in January! Here is an adorable ducky YouTube video that you will enjoy!

January 14
National Clean Off Your Desk Day and National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day
Clean your desk…give it a good wipe down, sanitize and re-arrange all working tools, organize with bins or trays! Create a more efficient work space, discard expired sauce condiments and that crazy stash of trash! Now, with all that extra desk space, celebrate with a legendary hot Pastrami sandwich combo for lunch!

January 15
National Strawberry Ice Cream Day
Is there any more to say ? Strawberry ice cream is absolutely delicious! It is ice cream with half the guilt…because the main ingredient is real strawberries…at least lets hope it is! Take your pick of ice cream brands – they are all very delectable: Bryers, Haggen-Daz, Ben and Jerry’s, Blue Bunny, Dreyers…

January 16
National Nothing Day and National Fig Newton Day
Nothing Day falls on a weekday in 2019, so do absolutely nothing but the essentials, brush your teeth, get the kids up and ready for school and then if you can …. Do absolutely nothing, the appropriate anthem for this day is Bruno Mars’ Lazy song . So hang out in your most comfy attire until 3:00 pm, drink coffee all day,  eat a pizza or  two, and since its Nothing Day, you don’t have to have to celebrate Fig Newton day but if you have a box of fig newtons hanging out in the pantry, eat a couple of them! I won’t tell on you!

January 17
National Get to Know Your Customers Day
It’s important to get to know the people you provide a service or product to, whether it is on the phone, via online or face to face. A simple smile in person or when speaking on the phone, or, making eye contact with your customers shows you are actively listening to what they are saying…. If something is not to their satisfaction, ask, “How can I make this better for you?” And then follow up with an action that is within your capacities…this will leave a positive impact on your business and most importantly, your customers are happy. It is very impressive to customers when you remember their names and preferences!

January 18
National Winnie the Pooh Day
This is a great day to celebrate!  Winnie the Pooh is the most adored and loved bear by children from 0 to 105! Watch some videos on Netflix or YouTube.

January 19
National Popcorn Day
There are endless possibilities of popcorn flavors, check out Incredible popcorn, these folks know how to celebrate Popcorn day 365 days a year!

January 20
National Butter Crunch Day and National Cheese Lovers Day
Do I need to say more? Buttery Crunchy butter crunch is one short bite away from addiction…once you crunch, you’re hooked! If you are not a butter crunch fan, that is absolutely okay! Do you love cheese? Swiss? Pepper Jack, Monterrey Jack, Colby Jack, Cream Cheese, Cheddar, Mozzarella, or Nacho cheese? Celebrate for your love of cheese, have your cheese on crackers, or melted between two slices of bread, or match it up with some lunch meat or fruit. Regardless of  how you “crunch” or  “cheese” this is the day to celebrate!

January 21
National Hugging Day and National Squirrel Day
I am BIG on HUGS, so naturally I love this day! Hug your favorite people, because it is heart healthy, it helps reduce stress levels, decreases sick days, and releases Oxytocin. This particular day also celebrates squirrels! These little critters are to extremely quick to catch and more than likely,  do not like hugs, but just be kind to them…if you see them aimlessly dart into the street, slow down…and don’t be too upset if they destroy your newly built bird feeder!

January 22
National Blonde Brownie Day
This is the perfect day to try this super easy blonde  brownie recipe  . 

January 23
National Pie Day
Apple Pie! Lemon Pie, Pumpkin  Pie! Cherry  Pie! Get your pie baking on! Make one or two!

January 24
National Compliment Day
Offer a polite expression of praise or admiration to someone and mean it!

January 25
National Big Wig Day
If you have long hair, you might want to consider donating your locks to cancer patients. Contact your local hospital or cancer center if they accept human hair for wig making. Another thing you could do is visit a wig store and try out a couple of wigs!

January 26
National Spouse’s Day
Today and everyday celebrate your spouse! Express how much you love your better half! Do something nice, go out for a meal, or stay-in, Netflix and chill, make a meal together, cuddle on the couch. If it’s not too cold outside, go for a nice walk!

January 27
National Chocolate Cake Day
Make a chocolate cake from scratch or if you don’t have time, grab a box of Duncan Hines! Either way, it will be delicious!

January 28
National Have Fun At Work Day
If you have to work on this day, add some fun to it, wake up and do everything with a smile, sing in the shower, do a crazy dance while you prepare your lunch bag, think positive, be positive, speak positive, make your favorite cup of coffee. Have fun at work!

January 29
National Corn Chip Day
Grab a couple of bags of your favorite corn chips – celebrate with salsa, cheese dip and guacamole!

January 30
National Croissant Day
Make all meals with soft, flaky, sweet croissants – make them into breakfast sliders with eggs, sausage and cheese, for lunch have a croissant on the side of soup and then for dinner, pair it up with your favorite cold cuts and veggies with left over corn chips from Corn Chip Day.

January 31
National Backwards Day
This is an odd kind of day to celebrate. Celebrate this day with extreme caution and use your best personal judgement!  To prevent from being fired; avoid getting in trouble with your spouse, parents or children, and/or local law enforcement, immediately, get a hold your mouse and scroll up this page , revisit day 1 to day 30 repeat as many celebrations as you like. Seriously!!! Save yourself some trouble and legal fees!

Which one of these days are your favorite? Tweet me, or leave a comment below!

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