What is a Christmas Eve Box?

What is a Christmas Eve Box?  Unsure what that is, I turned to my most trusted and most dependable virtual assistant…my Google Chrome search bar! Confident in my quest in receiving an answer, I typed in “Christmas Eve Box”, tapped the enter button, quicker than a blink of an eye… about 0.64 short seconds later, Google came back with 410,000,000 results, 18 long pages of google-able reading potential that could take me into the new year and beyond! Okay, so I did not scan all 18 pages, but I did gather sufficient information to answer my original question: What is a Christmas Eve box? :  A Christmas Eve Box is received on December 24th, Christmas Eve. This jolly box is a great way to get everybody including Ebenezer Scrooge himself to get in the merry mood and maybe defuse some of the excitement and anticipation of Christmas Day! The making and preparation of this box looks really fun, and it doesn’t need to be expensive to make. There are so many variations of this box. I love that we can personalize and make each box unique to the person it is being gifted to! Earlier this year, we welcomed our baby girl! We have been very busy, happily celebrating many of baby’s first holidays, even the ones we made up along the way, like baby’s super-unexpected-SURPRISE-READY-OR-NOT red carpet debut, her homecoming ceremony, Mommy’s birthday, Papa’s birthday, Mother’ Day, Father’s Day,  4th of July and Memorial Day, Lah-Lah’s First tooth day…. just to name a few. So to continue on with our celebrations, we are over the moon to celebrate Lah-Lah’s first Christmas Eve and Christmas Day before she turns one! And yes, we are officially making it a family tradition to celebrate Christmas Eve, with Christmas Eve Boxes.


First, Find a box

In keeping this project simple and cost effective, you can use a small to medium cardboard box to fit a few items. If the box doesn’t have a matching top…its okay!  Get started! Wrap it with your favorite wrapping paper and decorate it as you like with ribbon, burlap, Christmas fabric, stencils or stickers, garland etc. You can also use small wooden crates, wicker, or canvas storage bins basket organizers.  For this happy project, I chose a canvas basket. It is small, (7.9″ long x 6.7″ wide x 5.5″) but big enough to fit everything I want to fill it with. It also serves as a fan-tabulos hat for our little girl!




 I am  making two different boxes,  filling it up with favorite snacks and drinks and of course pajamas with a special ornament to hang on the tree!

For husband

  • Warm pajama pants
  • Funny socks
  • Hot cocoa packets
  • Kettle Popcorn
  • Tea
  • Reeces Pieces candy
  • Favorite Fanta orange drink



These are the Christmas Eve boxes I made for my husband and daughter!


Family time!

With Christmas Eve goodies and new pajamas, Christmas Eve festivities can begin. My husband and I carefully hand picked out a few good movies that are worth watching:

  • Christmas with the Kranks
  • Jingle All the way
  • National Lampoons Christmas vacation
  • Four Christmases
  • Home Alone
  • Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Elf
  • Princess Switch
  • The night before with seth rogan (not a kid friendly movie)

We also made  an enormous Youtube watch list full of American and German Sesame Street, Pumuckl, and Little Baby Bum to watch with our little one!


Board games and other activities

To keep the excitement going, we have lots of board games to choose from:

  • Scrabble
  • Uno
  • Mancala
  • Sorry
  • Jenga
  • Playing cards

If the little ones still can’t wait for Santa Claus to arrive, check out my other posts for hand craft ideas to keep them busy.


Now it’s your turn

Give it a go and have fun making Christmas Eve boxes… make it happy and keep it simple. I would love to see your Christmas Eve boxes, tweet me or show me on instagram!

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