How to make Christmas gift tags at home

Making Christmas gift tags at home is simple, fun and inexpensive. The tools you need is a bit of imagination, scissors, red and green markers, a ruler, freshly sharpened pencil, cardstock paper (think: old greeting or postcards, cardstock craft paper or even index cards), and a few pieces of scrap paper, last year’s Christmas wrapping paper, and ribbon (maybe yarn or twine). A corner rounder would be really good for a polished look, but it’s optional for this project. You can create, decorate and personalize your  Christmas gift tags however you like.



Keeping it basic with rectangles and squares

For basic gift tags, see picture below,  rectangles and squares were the easiest shapes to cut without messing it up too much. Look in your pantry to find square or rectangular shaped boxes that you can use as a template to trace and cut, and then go for it! Here is what I came up with. Feel free to let your imagination go wild with the materials you have without spending too much money

***Disclaimer: I don’t have the prettiest handwriting, but what the heck!? I went for it anyways!!***

First cut off the areas that have holes or use them, and then fold into 3 sections as best as you can, then apply glue place it on craft paper, and press firmly, then cut, see pictures below:

Cut out shape, and cut out all three pieces:

And this is the front:


Round the corners and a punch hole at the top…anywhere you, see picture. Decorate using markers, stickers, glitter, write something nice, create borders:

To make square gift tags, I used this this box, placed it on the index card and traced around.

After that, I cut out the squares – working on the front of squares, erased all pencil markings, applied glue on squares placed a craft sheet, and pressed  firmly.

Cut around both squares. Now turn your work around and repeat:  apply glue on square, then place on a craft sheet, press firmly down then cut to shape.


Here are the front sides of each gift tag:


These are the backs of the gift tags:



My busy assistant taking an extended lunch break!


Gift tag Punch and Christmas rubber stamps

While working I also used other tools and materials like a tag punch, rubber stamps, ink pads and Christmas themed card stock. This particular card stock pad was fun to use because it has a variety of different pages, making a 100+  gift tags. As another gift tag idea are foodie postcards, like the one in this picture. It is very sturdy and keeps its shape very well. Each postcard or card stock pad (4.5inx6.5in) made 3 tags….so in other words….thats all of gift tags!


To get 3 tags, pick up your working sheet with picture side facing you and then slide it through the punch, in the other hand hold up the bottom of punch facing you, then when you are ready pull down lever.  At this point, punch holes on the top, and add a pretty string. You can also decorate with glitter, add ribbon, or personalize the front with stickers or use letter stencils.

On the back, of the cards, i used ink stamps to decorate the back:




Now for the fun part! Gather materials and tools to make your own Christmas gift tags. Let your creative juices flow, wrap every gift with a smile, and top it off with a beautiful handcrafted Christmas gift tag made by you! I would love to see your finished tags, tweet me!

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