Nikolaus Tag or Saint Nicholas Day

We officially kicked off our Christmas holiday on Black Friday, and now we are ahead of schedule! There was a lot of planning, organizing, and Amazoning involved. Most recently, I completed Lah-Lah’s first ever Advent Calendar.


Before we can take a moment to catch our breath, December 6th, 2018 is around the corner! For the first time, as a family we are celebrating our second German Christmas traditional holiday, Nikolaus Tag or the more familiar translation in the United States, St. Nicholas Day (Western). For my German husband, Nikolaus Tag was an exciting time for him as a kid because on December 5 before he went to bed, he placed his house slippers outside his bedroom door and then in the morning of December 6th, his slippers would be full with sweet treats. Now that we have Lah-Lah, the Nikolaus Tag tradition continues!

As a kid in Guam, we all went to Sunday school, and learned about all kinds of saints. The saint I resonated  with the most was St. Nicholas, and embarrassingly enough, I confused him with Santa Claus -the El Hefe himself ! I was quickly corrected by my teacher, Sister MaryAnn Joseph, St. Nikolaus is not the same person with 2 interchangeable names!  St. Nikolaus does not equal to Santa Claus and Santa Claus is Santa Claus!

St. Nicholas was a bishop, he was known for his generosity, as he placed coins in poor peoples shoes at night. And well, Santa Claus is THE UNDEFENDED, UNDENIABLY PEOPLE’S CHOICE  EL HEFE IN A BRIGHT RED SUIT who delivers presents to good boys and girls all over the world in one night! As a native resident from Guam, December 6th was not a recognized holiday. The likelihood of St. Nikolaus leaving treats in our zories (rubber flip flops) in middle of dead night was extremely slim to none!  However since residing in Texas, and being married to a German, I will help keep this sweet tradition going. Any day with my family that offers treats, eats, and family time is always special!

In the United States, many families celebrate December 6th, St. Nicholas Day similarly like Germany, Nikolas Tag and other European countries.Some churches recognize December 6 as a day to be celebrated by offering special activities or services.

On a quick Google image search, I found fun treat ideas for this particular holiday – nuts, candy, chocolate. Instead of stuffing a shoe with treats, it could be a sock or a stocking.

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