DIY Christmas Present – Personalized Gift Bag Ideas

Christmas shopping and trigonometry are equally alike in two ways: Both things create large cranial scars from excessive brain scratching, and despite genuine input of honest attempts in finding the perfect gift for someone is much like solving a trig problem, it produces an output of infinite human errors regardless of effort!  In simple words, I am awful at both holiday shopping and math! Naturally, a remedy had to be set in place of course, so I did what any good Christmas-minded person would do:

  • One: Self Confess, by stating the obvious out loud while raising my right hand up, “Yours truly is not a good Christmas gift googler-seeker-finder-giver”  
  • Two: Walk away from ALL math problems and leave it to actual professionals
  • Three: Take on a new approach to holiday gift hunting forward-slash gift giving.

For a couple of Christmases’ I have discarded the whole Christmas shopping concept, to craft personalized gift bags for my friends and family. Each bag is tailored to a specific loved one. This year, this is what my gift bags look like so far. I share this post with you as it may help with your Christmas shopping adventures,! LOL!


Stockpile Starter Kit

My cousin relocated to a nearby city, she is in need for basic items for her new house, so I started a “Stockpile starter kit” gift bag filled with toilet paper, toiletries, dish detergent, laundry soap, a shower curtain, trash bags and storage bags! This particular gift bag is very easy to put together and inexpensive because these are items that come from my own stockpile.


College Student  

Similarly to my stockpile gift bag, I am also using some of these items to make a “College Student” gift bag. In this particular gift bag it will have toiletries, school supplies, Tabasco, Ramen, peanut butter, socks, house slippers and gift certificate cards for groceries.



I have a long time friend who has an insane obsession for chocolate  Every year for Christmas, I create an “I love Chocolate” gift bag for her. It is a lot of fun making this particular gift bag, because its main ingredient is CHOCOLATE!

These gift bags are not traditional in the sense of holiday gift giving, but rather it fills some kind of basic need depending on their personal situation or it just makes someone’s day super chocolaty!

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