DIY Christmas Presents – Magnets

A very simple DIY Christmas present you can make are homemade magnets. All you need is a hot glue gun, lots of strong refrigerator magnets. On Amazon, I found a box of 120 round ceramic 18mmx3mm magnets. An individual magnet has a good heaviness to it, like a paperweight feel. It also maintains a solitary strong grip. Since making these DIY magnets earlier in this week, I placed all completed DIY glass magnets on the refrigerator door, and they hold well without losing its grip, neither falling off or sliding down.

To make simple magnets, you can use just about anything you find around the house!



Apply some hot glue on back of glass or button and then press down firm. Set aside for glue to dry.




Here is what it looks like after their done! Keep the fun going, make as many as can. These are great stuffing stuffers or as simple Christmas Presents for family and friends!

These DIY magnets make simple, inexpensive Christmas presents, or stocking stuffer surprises  or for any kind gift giving occasion. You can design DIY magnets by adding a personal touch with special letters, numbers, or colors, in a matter of minutes. Depending on how many magnets you can make, you can gift them in sets or individually.

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