DIY Christmas Presents – Hair clips

These clips are very quick to make and super simple. Using Scrabble letters is a cute way to personal a few hair clips. There is nothing more unique than being the only one to has a coolest hair accessory with your name on it!



The only items you will need

  • E6000 glue
  • A glue applicator, i.e. like a Q-tip or paint brush (optional) to apply glue on hair clip
  • Metal Duckbill Clips, see above picture
  • Scrabble letters of your choice, only 4 letters will fit on the part that holds hair


Apply a strip of glue on a clip and then quickly place all 4 letter words, see pic below. To avoid, gluing clip shut wedge a scrabble piece at opening of clip. After all letters have been applied, leave clip on flat surface and let dry. If letters appear to slide off, realign letters so that they are straight on clip.


Glue will most likely seep through the holes, under the scrabble pieces, gently flex the clip open, and run a tissue in a back and forth motion, very gently remove excess glue and then place a scrabble piece to wedge to keep clip flexed open.


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