Top 10 Reasons to Shop at Aldi

Here are my 10 reasons to shop at Aldi:


10. Baby formula, wipes and water

Aldi has their own store brand baby formula. For baby, we purchase Little Journey Non-GMO Gentle formula. It is just like Similac and Enfamil! Baby is 9 months old, and her formula usually lasts for about a week. The store also sells Purified water at .69 cents each!



9. Aldi Finds

Every Wednesday, a weekly flyer comes out with what they are selling this week and a Preview for the next following week. Having these flyers available online at is extremely helpful to put meals together, do inventory of my pantry and household items and keep me in budget!


8. Inexpensive pantry staples

Rice, pasta, bread and canned tuna are common pantry staples for us. Since these items are inexpensive, I tend to stock up on these items. A ten pound of rice and 4 boxes of pasta usually last for 2 months at time. Every other week, I will purchase 2 loaves of bread, placing one in the fridge for eating and one in the freezer.  Tuna is a stackable pantry favorite and a good source of protein. We try to keep at least 10 cans on hand. Since it is a very versatile protein, we often make quick meals with like tuna melts, cold pasta salad or add tuna into a green salads.




7. Meat, Poultry, Pork

Each week, Aldi has sales on different kinds of meat. We make hearty meals based on these weekly sale items. Most times, I can make more than one meal by dividing one package of meat into two separate freezer bags for the next week. As a frozen staple, we purchase a large bag of chicken thighs and drumsticks making 4 separate freezer bags containing 4 large chicken pieces to make 4 separate meals. In my personal comparison, Aldi’s meat products is more reasonably priced than other local grocery stores while maintaining the same kind of quality.



6. Milk, Eggs and block cheese  

Aldi’s milk and eggs are popular in-demand items! Whole milk is 2.10 and 1 dozen of eggs is .96 cents  with a limit of 6 per customer. All my favorite kind of Jacks can be found in block form: Pepper Jack, Monterey Jack and Colby Jack! Amen! I have noticed it is cost-effective to purchase block cheese to slice, dice, shred, and/or cube yourself! Yes! It requires a bit of elbow grease but your taste buds will love you!



5. Canned goods and spaghetti sauce

Aldi has a large section dedicated to an assortment of basic canned goods. I am a fan of Aldi brand canned goods, particularly to tomato, black beans and corn!. In my opinion, it just as good as other store brands. The Spaghetti sauce is really yummy, always priced at .85 cents a jar! At this price, I happily place 3 jars in my cart every week!



4. Dog food

My beloved 4 legged fur Baby, Monster-Puppy is a very picky eater! She has a personal preference to eat wet food! (yes, I am guilty of this!). We usually purchase 1 case of 12 cans that last a week and a half.


3. Coffee and chocolate = love

These items are all located in the same aisle of our store…I call it “My Happy Aisle”, because, every Sunday morning, I am happy to grab all of our faves: Panda chocolate filled cookies, Yan-Yans, Knoppers and Moser Roth and dump them in my cart! *Full disclaimer, I don’t ever go Happy Aisle crazy, Oh how,I would love to but I don’t*  Try out ALL their chocolates, it is ssssooo ssssoooo yummmyyyy! There is something for everyone! Aldi carries different kinds of coffee brands and types.This coffee as shown below is coffee we drink at home.




2. Peanut butter and Preserves

If you love Peanut butter and jam, try out Aldi’s brand, they are equivalent to other store and national brands. We go through 3 jars of strawberry preserves and 2 jars of peanut butter every month.



1. Vegetables and Fruits

I purchase most of my fruits and vegetables because I find it to be cheaper here than other local grocery stores.Their produce is always fresh



There are so many other reasons I love shopping at Aldi, but these are my top ten that I enjoy the most. I hope this was helpful!


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