My Holiday Meal Planning Printable

The Christmas holiday is almost here, Y’all! It is the only time of the year, we all have a legitimate reason to wear ugly Christmas sweaters and rock out knee high Santa Claus socks all 31 days in December! Its festively fun while snagging an assortment of reactions while you are out  and about! There is so much to prepare for this Christmas season, like decorative lights, Christmas tree, ornaments, and lets not forget meal planning for our family gatherings.
Christmas planning started for me, currently I am focusing on our family meal. And lets just say, I went a little cray-cray with this year’s meal planning and budget, so of course, I am going to take another crack at it, and this time, be more realistic, while containing my excitement in a straight jacket!

Prior to taking on our Christmas meal planning again, while not breaking the bank, I have taken a personal initiative of creating a simple meal planning worksheet printable, it was initially inspired by me for me to keep my sanity in check and balance out my craziness! Take a look at it, try it out, let me know  if it worked out for you! In the spirit of Christmas, tweet me, your ugly Christmas sweaters and socks! I would love to see it!

Get my printable here!

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