Lilo Headband

Okay, so I tried to make a head lei for Lah-Lah to complete her costume… it was a cute idea, but surely enough, she wasted no time, it ended up in her mouth! This is what I came up with, a simple hibiscus headband. I suggest to prepare and create a headband at least 2 to 3 days prior to Halloween Day:

Materials you will need will need:

To begin this project, choose any flower you like. It may be a little wrinkled due to it being smashed as it traveled from its home, Amazon warehouse XYZ, somewhere on this plant,  all the way to your front door!

  1. I straightened out flower petals using a handheld steamer. If you use this tool, BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL, IT WAS SUPER HOT!  Set it aside, let it dry. A safer and painless alternative would be to place heavy items such as flat pebbles or unopened baby food jars for a couple of days.


2. Using a hot glue gun, attach flower to headband.


3. If the flower petals are still wrinkled after being attached on the headband, apply Elmer’s glue using a toothpick, and then press down firmly against the leaf.

Give it a go, try it out! Post your headband creation, I would love to see it!


This is what it looks like completed.

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