DIY Lilo Costume

My favorite family holiday is almost in full swing, kids of all ages from 6 months to 98 get to dress up as their favorite action hero, princess or goblin. I love everything about Halloween! Picking out costumes, getting into character with Halloween makeup, and you guessed right,  FRRREEEEE chocolate candy, all my faves, Snickers, KitKat, Reeces Pieces, Hersheys! MMMmmmmm! On Halloween night, I love walking with my kiddos, walking door to door for treats! Think of all the exponential chocolate candy possibilities that could present itself just in one evening!????

We are excited it is LahLah’s first Halloween! For the last 3 months, I have been on the hunt searching for the perfect costume! It was difficult to decide between a fairy, angel or lady bug or to purchase a costume or did I want to DIY-it up and make a costume from scratch!  I have looked on several different online sites for inspiration like Pinterest, Amazon and Google for baby costumes! Everything I looked at was so FRIKIN ADORABLE! UUUGGGHHH! Eventually, I decided to do what felt organic to me and that was to make LahLah her very own Lilo Costume! After all, she is half Chamorrita, obviously having homegrown roots to the beautiful island of Guam. I had to =:) As I was brainstorming on how to construct LahLah’s costume, I also had to make it baby friendly, because at 8 months old, EVERYTHING goes into her mouth!

This costume was very simple, inexpensive and made less than 2 hours. As I was thinking of how to construct her skirt in the most simplest form, I thought of an apron as it is easy to put on and remove.


Here is the step by step guide on how to make this costume!  

lilo 1


( For 1 skirt, I used a total of 7 medium size leaves for this project)


image 2

Make a Fold at the stem, bringing both sides of leaf together, then cut straight across at the top steam do this to all seven leaves….your leaves should be straight at the top.


cut straight across 3

Cut all the way through while leaf is folded as shown above. If leaf cut is not straight enough, don’t panic, as a tip use the stem as a guide to create a straight line and then cut all the way through.


Moving on to your fabric piece, flip it inside out, look for the parts that looks like this, on either side make a cut. Now you will have  a long strip of fabric to lay out on your fabric.


Cut this off, throw it away


Lay your long strip of fabric on a table, this is what i like to call the middle point of your fabric and starting point of your sewing work.


Grab one leaf, lay it down on fabric, the stem of leaf needs to be lying in the circled area, see image directly above this one


Start your needle work here, see arrow above, work thread all the way to the end of the leaf, make a knot, cut off thread. Re-thread needle for the left side of the leaf: begin threading from the middle like you did previously, and keep sewing until you get to the end of the leaf, make a knot, cut thread. The leaves are sturdy, it feel very plastic like, it may be somewhat difficult to get needle in at first!


For your second leaf, lay it on the right side of your original leaf, as shown above, thread your needle and sew all the way to the stem. Once you reach the middle point the stem, create a knot, and cut off. Re-thread your needle, this time, begin threading from the middle, and keep sewing the right side of leaf until you get to the end. Make a Knot, cut off thread! You now have two completed leaves! Great Job! Lets keep going!


*****side note tip***** to keep leaves uniformed, straight on fabric, feel free to cut off excess parts as you are working, i had to do this several times while working on this project


For  3rd leave place on your left, ***Continue to overlap leaves****, re-thread your needle, this time, begin threading from the middle, and keep sewing the right side of the leaf until you get to the end.  For the left side of the leaf: begin threading from the stem, and keep sewing until you get to the end of the leaf, make a knot, cut thread


Add 4th leaf, on top of leaf 3, continue to overlap, creating a leafy lush effect. Add leaf 5 and than finally leaf 6.


Your skirt will look like this!


For Lah-Lah’s top, I purchased this shirt, Lovetti Baby Girls’ Basic Short Puff Sleeve Round Neck T-Shirt



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