Creating Family Holiday Traditions

Lets wave goodbye to Texas summer, high five fall and winter and applaude Halloween,Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS!

This year will be especially sweet for my husband, Ben and I. It’s baby’s first Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Even though, we have a few months to go, we are planning early for baby’s first holiday season.

We have a store bought Christmas tree that we pull out every year to decorate, then on January 3rd, it is ungracefully shoved back into its original-barely-holding-together-box, duct-taped shut with German cursing and swearing! For this year, Ben insisted we get a real tree, a new tree topper and all new ornaments to commemorate Lah-Lah’s first Christmas extravaganza!

I have a big mental list of annual traditions that I would like to start with my little girl. Naturally, my excited brain tells me: “Do everything! Try it all! Just Do it!” As fun as that will be, we will keep our traditions simple and happy. Most importantly, our family tradition will be both authentically German and Guamanian. Starting this year, even though my baby won’t remember, Lah Lah and I will make simple DIY presents. In my next post, I will share a step-by-step guide on things we will make.

For now, as I write this post, Lah-Lah is only 8 months old, I am dreaming of a holiday tradition of cooking my husband’s favorite German holiday meal and making my favorite Guamanian desserts…latiya (pronounced lah-tee-zaaahhh), Boñlos Aga (Banana donuts), and mommas famous sweet casava…and all day, get hot cocoa-wasted,  watch nothing but Christmas movies as we build our Members only Christmas fort fully equipped with blinking christmas lights and holiday music, stocked only with Five-Star Rated Christmas snacks!!! How awesome is that!?…

What kind of holiday traditions do you enjoy with your family?

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