Simple Money Saving Tips

Here are a few simple money saving tips that I live by to save money every month. Read on and enjoy:


Eat at home

Before you head out grocery shopping, go through your kitchen with a notepad and pen, write down the contents of your kitchen cabinets, pantry, fridge and freezer. Examine this list, and then connect-ingredients-together-to-make-whole-meals. How many meals can you make? One? Or two?  If you can, that’s great news for you 🙂 ! Alongside your inventory list, create a menu and shopping list for an upcoming week while incorporating what you already have. You may also want to consider making a stew or soup in a slow cooker or large pot at the beginning of each week.  After your meal is cooked, and cooled down, fill up as many individual food containers as you can, stick it in the fridge and have a reliable source of food anytime during your busy week! Whenever you are hungry at home, or need to pack your lunch, you are prepared! Eating at home is so much cheaper than eating out, you know what is going in your food, your meals are so much fresher and you’re far likely to have leftovers! Who doesn’t love leftovers? I love Aldi and you should too (LOL)! if you have an Aldi near you, check them out first before shopping elsewhere!


Make a monthly dining out budget

Everything about dining out with your family is fun! However, it is a very costly family expenditure. To prevent spending an excessive amount of money on dining out, we created a monthly dining out budget. We decided to give ourselves $20.00 a month! HaHa! Yes, I know, $20.00 is not much, but its more than enough for a few burgers and fries or as many tacos that 20.00 can get us!  Don’t forbid yourself or family from dining out forever! Like a monthly grocery budget, make a dining out budget, determine how many times you would like to eat out and set aside how much money you are willing to spend. Check out your junk snail mail, you might get lucky with special coupons or offers that you can use to your local restaurants.


Stop buying bottled water

Stop wasting your money on bottled water! For as long as I can remember buying  bottled water was always part of my grocery list. I was proud of my wall of stackable cases of bottled water. I had bottled water everywhere and for every occasion….even for an apocalypse! It was a big bulky, costly monster. My husband intervened, and installed a Britta water filter system on our kitchen faucet, one package of filters and sports bottles. Despite my slow compliance, we saved at least 100.00 in one year.


Unsubscribe to unnecessary subscriptions and memberships

Review your monthly bank statements for subscriptions and memberships that you currently pay for. If you lost interest or don’t have a need for monthly subscriptions and / or memberships – cancel these as soon as you can.( I know with gym memberships there are early out cancelation fees, contact your gym on how to cancel without penalties).


Make your own cleaning products

Brand name all purpose house cleaning products and detergent is very expensive. I purchased fabric detergent at least twice a month. Washing clothes became an expensive chore. Now, I make my own detergent,  it is a combination of Borax and Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda, and Zote, using 2 to 4 tablespoons per wash load. My laundry comes out clean and smelling fresh. My eczema cursed skin approves of this laundry recipe! I swear by Pinesol, and 409 to clean my floors and countertops, but as often as I clean, like my detergent it became too costly. So I made my cleaning solution by combining vinegar and water to clean and disinfect my kitchen and bathroom. Add your favorite essential oil to soften the vinegar smell! Cleaning with vinegar is an effective, chemical free alternative to harsh store bought cleaning solutions.


Refill, Replace, Repurpose

Place foamy hand soap dispensers in your kitchen and bathrooms, refill them as needed. Shop around for inexpensive large economy size hand soap refill bottles to refill empty soap bottles. To help decrease our monthly electric bill, we replaced our standard bulbs to LED bulbs. During our day we use natural light to brighten our house, while we dry our clothes on a dry rack near a bright window instead of turning on our dryer! Rather than paying for movie tickets, we now watch our favorite shows and movies on Netflix. I repurpose a lot of things around the house before throwing it out, like paper treat bags or brown grocery bags. I can wrap  presents, make envelopes, gift tags and gift card holders or create holiday cards. I re-use empty food glass jars as food containers, coin holders, or store household items in them. I use empty paper towel rolls as an inexpensive method to organize and sort extension cables in my garage or donate them to kids in my neighborhood for school projects. I also cut up pantry food boxes like cereal, candy, soda, toothpaste for scratch paper, craft projects or a quick DIY island style dustpan! Food packaging twisty ties are never thrown away. Ties are used widely around my house to organize crafting material, such as hemp string and yarn or tie small electric cords together. I cut up old and used t-shirts into rags. I shop at various thrift and discount stores for  baby clothes, shoes and home decor. I shop around for discounts and sales for all of my crafting materials or equipment.


These are simple saving tips that have worked well for my family. I hope you find these tips helpful. What other tips can you come up with to save money?  List them on the comments below

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