Stay at Home Mom as an Occupation

Being a stay at home mom is more than just staying home, it is an actual job! We have lots of responsibilities that are not exactly spelled out for us, it is assumed and we just roll with it! It is also an equal opportunity position, all levels of experience are welcomed! Our primary job is to take care of our Number 1s’, our family. We welcome challenges as they come! My stay at home role and responsibilities are straight forward, which require me to wear one hat, or maybe 3 or 4 hats all at once, on any given day! I am a wife, a mom, a chef, a crafter, a dog walker, a life coach, a driver, a cheerleader, an engineer, a therapist, a nurse, a financial planner, and a hair stylist, just to name a few. Similarly like other occupations, uniforms and  work badges are necessary. My daily uniform consists of goodwill store bought t-shirts, jeggings and a messy hair bun. And if i remember before my morning coffee, I will apply my cat eye makeup, just because! My work badge takes on different shapes, varying each day, it could be baby spit up on my t-shirt, or a combination of peas and bananas splattered across my forehead, or dried up baby rice in my hair! What is the starting rate as a Stay at home mom? How often does it Pay? Bi-weekly? Semi-Monthly? Once a month? The answer to that question is, I am compensated on a daily basis in the form of hugs, kisses and high fives!

Our work is never done, 24 hours, seven days a week is simply not enough! Redbull and Monster drinks, eventually run out! Sacrifice, sleepless nights, money, tears and blood goes into our efforts in making everything look so seamless for our families! A stay at home mom is an honest job that demands respect, because before anything else we make our families Numero Uno.

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